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ManyToManyField relationships should not be specified directly as a column's data source. There's too much missing information, and the field name or field list should enumerate the real data points that are being shown.

The most straightforward way to reveal a plural set of objects is to create your own callback handler that handles each item in the relationship as you see fit. For example, combined with the helpers module, you can quickly make links out of the objects in the relationship.

Implementation in code

    class ManyToManyFields(DatatableView):
        model = Entry
        datatable_options = {
            'columns': [
                ("Authors", 'authors__name', 'get_author_names'),
                ("Authors", 'authors__name', 'get_author_names_as_links'),

        def get_author_names(self, instance, *args, **kwargs):
            return ", ".join([ for author in instance.authors.all()])

        def get_author_names_as_links(self, instance, *args, **kwargs):
            from datatableview import helpers
            return ", ".join([helpers.link_to_model(author) for author in instance.authors.all()])