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When the datatable context variable is rendered, it looks for a template named "datatableview/default_structure.html". This template is pretty generic, but lacks special styles for UI frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap and others.

The default template renders special data-* attributes on the table and th tags, which helps make initializing the tables more seamless when using the datatableview.js tool.

Alternately, you can specify a custom template on a per-view basis using datatable_options["structure_template"], which is a normal template path that will be put through the Django discovery process.

When overriding this template, take care to render the data-* attributes if you want easy table initialization!

Implementation in code

    class CustomizedTemplateDatatableView(DatatableView):
        model = Entry
        datatable_options = {
            'structure_template': "custom_table_template.html",
            'columns': [